~Pack Life~

All of our dogs are first and foremost members of our family, not just breeding stock.  They often travel with me when I commute my children to and from school. They are taken for walks in nearby towns and cities and are taken to public events with large numbers of people and other dogs. They are companions, playmates and protectors to my children.


We feed our breeding dogs a combonation of kibble and raw diet  A couple times a week our dogs also get eggs,zucchini, squash, carrots, peas, beans, apples and pears (depending on the season). In smaller amounts they are given garlic (very limited), oatmeal, molasses, yogurt, vitamin E, salmon, cod and flaxseed oils. And of course, there is always large, meaty bones. Oh, how they love their bones!


I do not weigh or measure their food. I feed to a healthy, lean and fit body type. The amount required to achieve this requires a great deal more for some of our dogs then others. I find it is best to just look and “feel” my dogs. From above all my dogs have a hourglass figure. I can feel their ribcage when I run my hands down their sides but only see couple of ribs (depending on coat type). They all have stellar teeth w/no tartar build up, which I attribute to all the bones.




Cana & Kokee ~ Homestead Security Surveillance Team