Planned 2020 Breedings

2020 Fina & Boston


60% DDR & Czech/West pups.


Breeding on April 22, 2020.

Confirmation Ultrasound planned for May 28, 2020.

Pup ready to leave aprox. middle of August 2020.


 This will be Fina's first litter. We are very much looking forward to seeing pups from this pairing.  All of Boston's offspring have followed in his laid back, easy going ways. Pups should had nice athletic builds, good drive and pleasant temperament.


Dark Sables, Solid Black & Bicolor pups expected.


No pups in this litter will have long coats.


1) MALE ~ K & B.G ~ Millarville, AB ~ Black 

2) MALE ~ C.F ~ Prince George, BC 

3) MALE ~ J.B ~ Rockyveiw, AB  

4) FEMALE ~ 






If you are interested in a puppy, please contact us.

Lina & Boston

60% DDR & West/Czech Pups.


Breeding on May 9, 2020.

Confirmation Ultrasound planned for June 4, 2020.

Pups going home aprox. middle of September 2020.


Lina is a large, solid black female. She has nice bone and a very pretty face. We have not had her very long, but she is fitting in nicely and so far has shown no vices. She is super sweet and has a nice placid temperment. This will be her first litter. We are expecting the pups to be heavy boned, large dogs with lower/medium drive dogs, as Boston is over 90 lbs and Lina is close to 80 lbs.


Dark sables and solid black pups expected.


No Pups in this litter will have long hair coats.


1) MALE ~ H & C.H ~ Calgary, AB 

2) MALE ~ J.L-M ~ Lethbridge, AB ~ Sable

3) FEMALE ~ T.H ~ Sherwood Park, AB 

4) FEMALE ~ 

5) Not Gender Specific ~


Please contact us if you are interested in this breeding**

2020 Nina & Boston

Full DDR Pups.


Breeding on April 30. 2020.

Confimation ultrasound planned for May 28, 2020.

Pups ready aprox. early-mid September 2020.


We are saddened to say that we are going to be retiring Nina. She and Boston have produced fantastic dogs. This will be her final litter. We have desided to breed her with Boston for her final litter as they have produced excellent dogs in every litter. Her line continues here, as I am keeping a female back from this litter. We also have her daughter Kataura, from our "K" litter in 2019. Her previous litters have matured into a nice group of healthy, heavy boned dogs with relaxed temperaments and great pigment. We have Service Dogs and faithful gaurdians & family companions. Boston has been a super producer of dogs with great temperments and relaxed demeanors.


Dark Sables & Solid Black pups expected. 

No pups in this litter will have long coats.


1) MALE ~ K.D ~ Abbotsford, BC

2) FEMALE ~ S.R ~ Killam, AB

3) Not Gender Specific ~



We are not accepting anymore deposits on this litter untill after the pups have been born. Please contact us if you are interested in being placed on a waiting list for this breeding.**



2021 Faolan & ???

50% DDR & Czech pups.


Breeding expected in November 2020

Pups going home aprox. March/April 2021


 I am as yet undecided for Faolan's next litter. Considering importing semen for Faolan's next litter or maybe using a outside male. The pups from her first litter are maturing into super nice balanced dogs. Even tempered, with good bone, eager temperaments, nice drives and lovely dark pigments. We are anticipating more stellar pups.


I will continue to update the site when I have choosen the male. 



1) MALE ~  

2) MALE ~ 



5) Not Gender Specific ~ S.R ~ Killam, AB


 Please contact us if you are interested in this breeding.**



2021 Deposits

1) MALE ~ M.N ~ Edmonton, AB