Planned Breedings

2021 Nina & Boston

Nina vom Sucherquelle & Wolvesden Boston


September 13,2021


98% DDR Litter

3 males - all sable

4 females - all sable


1)  Mike R. ~ Sturgeon County, AB ~ Blue collar sable male ~ Homestead Rex

2)  Tanya T ~ Calgary, AB ~ Purple collar sable female ~ Homestead Rose Madani

3)  Shannon G ~ Beaumont, AB ~ Orange collar sable male ~

4)  Sherri M ~ Sundre, AB ~ Pink collar sable female ~ Homestead Rosetti

5)  Debbie V. ~ Gibbons, AB ~ Green collar male ~ Homestead New Times Roman

6)  Teal collar sable female  

7)  Red collar sable female



This is Nina's final litter. Her and Boston have produced beautiful, sound and healthy pups who have gotten the best of both Nina and Boston. Nina's sweet nature,correct conformation, intelligence and dark eye. Boston's laid back demeanor, substantial bone, thick coat and protective nature. Our Kataura (2019) and Oogie (2020) are both Nina and Boston daughters. If you are interested in a pup from this bredding, please contact us.

2021 Kataura & Midge

Homestead Kataura x Midge von der Sigisliebe BH


55% DDR & 45% Czech/WGWL Litter

November 2021 Breeding

Pups going home March/April


1) Mia P. ~ Calgary, AB ~ MALE or FEMALE

2) Julia L. ~ Calgary, AB ~ MALE or FEMALE




We are very much looking forward to breeding this sweet girl. Kataura is a perfect combination of both of her parents, Wolvesden Boston and Zarnina vom Sucherquelle. She is super sweet, with a easy going demeanour. Totally unfased by storms, new enviroments, etc. She has matured into a a large female with heavy bone, nice conformation, dark pigment, thick haircoat and a beautiful femine face. She is eager to please,alerts us to those coming into the yard and is very aloof to strangers. 


We had Midge here for a month and totally fell in love with the dog. He is a large, solid framed dog with a massive head. He has a solid temperment, not dog agressive, super laid back demeanor. He was great with the kids and outside cats. Excellent hips and normal elbows & DM clear.


We are expecting dark sables and possibly solid blck and bicolor pups.

Pup's pedigree 

Please contact us if you are interested in a pup from this breeding.

Treke & Boston

Treke Mineo & Wolvesden Boston

November 2021 Breeding


Treke has produced some exceptional pups in a previous litter and we are looking forward to, what we are sure will be some very beautiful pups with nice drives and great temperaments for active homes. 


We are expecting only dark sable pups from this breeding.







Faolan & Outside DDR Male

Faolan von Wendelin RN & Full DDR Male (yet undetermined)


Late Spring 2022 Breeding

Pups going home early fall


Details will be posted at a later...






2022 Puppy List

1)  Kris L.~ Cocherane, AB ~ 2022 MALE or FEMALE

2)  G & P.C ~ Edmonton, AB ~ FEMALE

3)  Kyle G.  ~ Millarville, AB ~ 2022 MALE

4)  Doug M ~ Cocherane, AB ~FEMALE

5)  J.P ~ Salmon Arm, BC ~ FEMALE

7)  Monica N. ~ Edmonton, AB ~ FEMALE

8)  K.D ~ Red Deer, AB ~ MALE or FEMALE