Planned Breedings

2021 Lina & Boston

50% DDR & Czech & West German Working Line



Expecting solid black and dark sable pups.

There will be no coated or plush/long coated puppies from this breeding.


We will not be accepting any deposits for male pups from this breeding. If you are interested in a female pup, please complete our questionaire by clicking here.


2021 Kataura & Arou

Full DDR Litter

May/June Breeding


We are very much looking forward to breeding this sweet girl. Kataura is a perfect combination of both of her parents, Wolvesden Boston and Zarnina vom Sucherquelle. She is super sweet with a easy going demeanour. Totally unfased by storms, new enviroments, etc. She is maturing into a a large female with heavy bone, nice conformation and a beautiful femine face. She is eager to please,alerts us to those coming into the yard and is very aloof to strangers. 


Dejuco Arou is 100% full DDR dog with a compact, heavy boned build with a great head and ear set. He has nice drives and is a working dog who is used daily on his family's large farm. He is a Rasputin vom Flosgrabin grandson. 


We are expecting dark sables and possibly black and tan. We may also get some pups with long coats from this breeding.


Pup's pedigree 


Please contact us if you are interested in a pup from this breeding.

2021 Faolan & ??

June planned breeding



I will be AI-ing Faolan for this litter with a, as yet, undetermined, outside male.He will be a titled dog with a DDR pedigree. The pups from Faolan's first two litters are maturing into super nice balanced dogs. All have nice even temperments, with good bone, nice drives and lovely dark pigments. 


Please contact us if you are interested in a pup from this breeding.

Fina & Boston

60% DDR  & Czech Pups

Breeding planned for May/June 2021


This breeding will produce bicolor and dark sable pups, with a possability of some solid black pups. These pups will be carriers for coat but no puppies will have plush or long coats.


This will be our last breeding attempt with Fina. We bred Fina in April 2020. She was confirmed pregnant, but sadly absorbed. In her December 2020 heat she did not ovulate and was not bred.


We will not be accepting any deposits for this breeding until she has been confirmed pregnant. If you are interested in a pup from this breeding, please  contact us.


2021 Puppy List

1) C.F ~ Prince George, B.C ~ MALE (2/20)

2) J.L-M ~ Lethbridge, AB ~ MALE (3/20)

3) M.N ~ Edmonton, AB ~ MALE or FEMALE (4/20)

4) B & K.G ~ Millarville, AB ~ MALE (5/20)

5) J.G ~ Prince George, BC ~ FEMALE (2/21)

6) F.P ~ St Albert, AB ~ MALE or FEMALE (4/21)