Retired Dogs

This is always a double edged sword for us. Heartbreaking & heartwarming both.


Heartbreaking, in that all of our dogs are members of our home and family.  As such, they have our hearts and it is sooooo hard to see them go to their retirement homes. Even though you know what you are doing is the right thing. It is a tear filled process

for me.


We choose homes where they get to live with their people 100% of the time. Retired and semi retired families. Always someone home is a perfect scenario. They are then someone's constant companions. Lounging in the sunspot of a window, going for runs and hikes. Enjoying trips to town or travelling with them on holidays.  


it is Heartwarming, when their families send us photos and updates about how they "just fit in like they have always been there", "after 2 weeks, I just cannot imagine a life where she isn't waiting for me at the front door", "giving their homes security and filling voids that had been empty for years". These little emails, texts and photos always touch me. I so love our dogs and it softens the hurt of their absence to know that they are being loved so much. 






Asia was spayed in 2019 after many failed breeding attempts. She is a dog that is so close to my heart and our son's support dog. She is our resident sofa eye candy, bed warmer and faithful companion.


Mother of "B Litter"


Cana was one of our original females. We got her as a wee pup. She never did get to be a large GSD. I called her my pocket rocket. She was a super sweet, extremely intelligent, tough as nails little dog. We made the tough decision to retire her after only one litter as she despised other female dogs.


We knew  we had made the right choice with all the positive feedback from her family.

"Thank you so much for Cana. Couldn't ask for a more perfect companion for us, all our family and guardian for all of our animals"

She was beyond happy with life on a 100 acre hobby farm where she was loved by a retired couple and all of their grandchildren.




Litters: "C", "E", "H" & "I"


 Jetta came to us a 4 month old pup. She was always a laid back, easy going girl. She produced many wonderful pups and was always wanting to mother the litters of pups that were not hers. She was a super awesome family dog. Loved, loved, LOVED to snuggle and be cuddled. Love to go from bed to bed of our children at night. When a semi-retired couple who lived on a secluded acreage, with grandchildren who visited often asked if we happened to have a older dog, we knew that this would be a perfect home for our girl. Within days she had made herself at home, like she had been there for years. 



Sire of Litters: "A", "B" & "C"


We retired Kokee from our program in 2016. He sustained a serious injury requiring major surgery. He is the protector of our home and property.  



Litters: "D", "F" & "G"


Yorka came to us at just over a year. She won our hearts instantly. She was such a card. Always doing the most hilarious things. After her 'retiremnt', she continued to live with us for another couple years.  She was such a pleasant dog to live with. definately not a mean bone in her body. Then a lady inquired about her. She and her husband were a perfect fit for our sweet Yorka. She now lives in Vancouver, enjoying warm winters. As a plus, she gets to travel to the Atlantic every summer, enjoying holidays with her people and swimming in the ocean.


2014 - 2020

Mother of "N" Littter


Niala came to us in a round about and unintentional way in 2019. I am so thankful that we had the opporunity to be loved by her. We all fell in love with her Lassie like personality and snugglebug demenour. She is missed by us all and especially myself...every morning. Her greetings were so unique and affectionate. Run free sweet girl.