Zarnina vom Sucherquelle

September 2013

PENHIP: 90th percentile

OFA Prelims: Hips 'Fair" & Elbows "Normal"

DM: Negative

Nina is a lovely female that came to us from the US in January of 2018. She has a compact build and weighs about 64 lbs when fit and lean. She has good bone, dark pigment, nice tight feet and lovely dark eyes. She has a wonderful temperament. Super around children and our cats, as well as the chickens and geese.  Nina's pedigree 


Her hips are good and elbows normal. She is also DM negative. She is our daughter's dog and has a very sweet nature and is super pleasant to live with. She has such a nice laid back personality and yet is always eager to please. She is a perfect family companion.